Teething Q&A


Q. Is the Molar Muncher MADE IN THE USA?

A. Yes, the Molar Muncher was designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped all within the USA.

Q. How durable is the Molar Muncher? Will it last a while?

A. The Molar Muncher is made to be very durable. It is a single injection of food grade silicone that is rated for a minimum of 100 pounds of pressure so a child cannot chew thru it.  

Q. What makes the Molar Muncher unique?

A. The concept was designed to create a teething solution that would not only reach back to the molars but would also leave kids hands free to play while they get relief. 

Q. Who do you recommend this baby teether to?

A. The Molar Muncher is safe for all ages and teething stages but is ideally for children around 12 months when their molars start coming in. 

Q. How do I wash it?

A. The Molar Muncher is dishwasher safe and the single mold injection means there are no crevices for germs to hide.

Q. Are there any other uses or benefits?

A. Mother’s often use them to ween their older toddler’s off of pacifiers so they avoid tooth displacement or buck teeth.  We have received feedback that the Molar Muncher has been great for autistic children with sensory issues. Children’s rehab facilities have used it to help children learn how to chew.